Hello 👋🏼, I'm Dev Shekhawat

I build awesome stuff for web.

I am software engineer from India 🇮🇳. I've been in the tech game for over 6 years now, mainly focusing on building strong and scalable web applications. Currently, I am working on developing innovative features for the rich content editor at Hashnode.

I love writing about JavaScript, engineering productivity, and whatever new tech I'm diving into. You can find my blog here.

I try to learn the best technologies that can solve the problem in hand and don't stay attached to any particular stack or library. I believe in the right tool for the right job.

A few things I like:

  • Seeing my code free of eslint errors.
  • Collaborating with early and mid-stage startups that create developer tools.
  • Working with smartest people in the industry. The best way to tackle a challenging problem is just simple asking those who know.
  • An inspiring work environment where I feel heard.
  • Staying up to date with new web technologies.
  • Playing story driven open world games. Although, First person shooters make me dizzy.